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What is Virtual Black Wall Street (VBWS)?


Find new black businesses to support and make purchases.

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Who joins VBWS?

Virtual Black Wall Street VBWS is comprised of the leaders in the aborigine (“Black”) community who are taking responsibility for your current circumstances. As indigenous “Black” people of the land we have a host of issues. We all are well aware of the problems, so what is the solution to stop the vicious cycle? While we don’t claim to have all the answers we have one VBWS VIP Membershhip!

Why is VBWS so important?

Finally we have a place that serves as drone/umbrella organization to house all of our business and economic developments and efforts! All black owned businesses should be VBWS VIP MEMBERS! Now we can organize, recirculate, and create a foundation for our own autonomous economy!


Black Consumer Dollars Spent on Black Businesses


Percentage More Needed to be Spent

Jobs Generated for African Americans

You Are Prosperous!

Together virtually and in person, we can continue to build together. Let’s think, speak and do uplifting things for one another and build one family at a time in wealth and health. Listen to founder Azalea Blaylock-McCoy speak on the Virtual Black Wall Street Movement.

Where does my $10 membership go?

Why does VBWS VIP membership cost $10?

$5 goes into the pocket of the individual or organization who introduced you to VBWS. $5 pays residually when you refer someone direct. For example you refer 1000 people direct and you receive $5,000 a month residually.

$2.50 goes directly into the COMMUNITY CHEST and will be allocated to help people/organizations in your RIGHT NOW! Decided and voted upon the community and the Chapter of the community. The other $2.50 towards administrative cost.


Imagine for just a moment 1,000,000 VBWS VIP MEMBERS that’s 5,000,000 in our economy PLUS $5,000,000 going directly back into our communities addressing our immediate issues without all the red tape and petitioning of a bureaucracy that has NEVER will NEVER properly serve our needs!


Joining VBWS means you are part of the SOLUTION!

1. You aide yourself by getting residual income. Example you get 1000 members direct ( You get residually $5.000 a month ) our goal is 1 million members by the end of 2019 which equals 1 million employed and new jobs.

2. You build you business if you have one with our new Virtual Black Marketplace Coming soon 2019 ( Your business will be listed in our Virtual Black Wall Street worldwide resource of buying, selling and employing black. )

3. You and everyone else who bring people to this one platform are helping to build a network which leads to a net worth of like minded people.

4. You are “HELPING US HELP US!” A portion of the profits go towards helping and building community. Such as business grants, homeless, community holistic program, creating green jobs for youth and elders. Each month we will be posting video of folks receiving these much needed funds on your behalf.

5. Since most black business lack sufficient marketing dollars pulling our funds together allows us to hire media professionals to drive traffic to one website ( that your business is on ) so now your business can get the marketing it deserves. VBWS has a award winner proven marketing that will be driving thousands of people to!


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Greetings future sponsors! We thank you for sponsoring VBWS. We are at 5600 members & growing daily with over two million viewers worldwide. Our purpose is to encourage economic empowerment worldwide.

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Here are just a few of the Virtual Black Wall Street Movement’s Members and Sponsors:

Meet The Team

 Azalea Blalock

Azalea Blalock


Yvonne E. Gamble

Yvonne E. Gamble

Chief Financial Officer

Dakari Towns

Dakari Towns

Lead Director, South Carolina Chapter

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